Having Money To Start Is Less Important Than Starting


EDM is not a religious entity. The definition of the verb minister is simply, to “attend to the needs of”. That is what we do. We attend to the financial needs of people who want to grow and secure their money, whether it’s through their business or through real estate. Most don’t realize that both business and real estate are involved in almost every aspect of financial life.

With EDM you’ll get to LEARN by attending or watching our mini-seminar classes each week, and you’ll get to DO (with step-by-step assistance) when you enroll in a customized personal or business mentorship package.

Business Formation, Development, Growth & Investing

You will learn techniques that will improve your effectiveness as an entrepreneur.
These techniques include:

  • How to incorporate
  • Creating your social presence
  • Choosing and building your financial model
  • Managing your money and your time
  • Building your personal and/or business credit
  • Building banking relationships
  • The many ways to purchase properties
  • How to determine the value and potential returns on investments
  • Assets everyone should have
  • Getting out of the ratrace
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Recalibrating your mindset for financial freedom and wealth
  • Much more…