People have a hard time selling their houses for many different reasons, Here at Economic Development Ministry we specialize in
buying properties that are in unique hard to sell situations, including:

Rental property with problematic renters
Owners downsizing or relocating to another city
Owners going through a divorce and needing to liquidate assets
Behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure
Owners not want ng to invest time or money into making necessary repairs
Houses located in less than desirable neighborhoods
No longer convenient for a homeowner dong commute to work)
High interest rate mortgages or undesirable mortgage financing
Payments and mortgage balances that are too high for the homeowner to handle
Houses that hold bad memories for a homeowner, such as divorce, death of a loved no or tragic experience
Underwater mortgages and much more,

EDM gives you the opportunity to take control, avoid foreclosure, and find relief.